12 Healthy Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Well, a sound body creates a sound mind and a sound mind creates a successful individual, which is going to affect a society. Nowadays people are doing a number of things that they should not perform and must avoid to get healthy. Frankly speaking, we all love eating and we find absolute pleasure in eating our desired item especially fast food. Sometimes, we become extremely health conscious that we cross the limit of being healthy and being over-healthy. Here, I am going to share 12 habits with you that are healthy for a person but somehow they are harming our goal of losing excess weight. Let us start –

A bigger mistake people do during their weight loss program is that after/before any exercise or eating anything, they confirm their weight and hope to shred some pounds, which is not the right method at all.

  • Having dipping bread

Dipping bread, is the favourite of every individual, if it is packed with oil and vegetables, it is not a good idea but if that is, packed with something healthier like hummus, it is good but we usually ignores that we have hoisted the calories number too.

  • Having a lot of fruits

Yes, eating fruits in excess can also sabotage our dream to shred weight from our body. Having smoothie for health purpose can also increase the weight as it contains sugar and contained with much of calories. Therefore, our fruit intake must be, based upon our need and not on our lust.

  • Consumption of natural sugar

When we hear, words like ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘non-GMO’, we feel reliable about our product and we start consuming it without thinking for other second. However, natural sugars like honey and maple syrup add a fixed amount of sugar into our body. Therefore, when eating them we must be extra conscious and not run in the eating desire.

  • Utilizing red wine with the food

“Excess of everything is a bad thing” and this goes the same with the red wine. It usually increases our hunger in a secretive manner and adds anti-oxidants in our body. We must consider in our mind that liquid material adds good quantity of calories too.

  • Must know the difference between good and bad foods

At the time of weight loss, we usually forget that the food, which we paints as good can also be the bad one. When we over eat those so-called ‘good foods’, it performs the same thing in our body that bad one do. A healthy diet is the one, which you can uphold for the life, hence keep on proper portions when we are eating them.

  • You are avoiding ‘potato’

Since our birth, we are hearing a thing that is ‘eat a rainbow’ and we love to enjoy coloured stuff. We mostly avoid white and especially ‘potato’ – one medium potato has more calories and potassium than two bananas, but we eat bananas more and avoid potato as we have the phobia that it will make us fat.

  • Eat when you feel hungry

Eating at regular intervals is a vital thing as it maintains the blood sugar levels. However, eating breakfast at eight, lunch at 12 and dinner at six is not an idea, which I will suggest you. Yes, it is the traditional method but you must eat, whenever you are feeling hungry that will bless your good health.

  • You are consuming excess juice

Although having a glass of fresh juice is valuable but it can also harm our health. It takes a number of fruits to fill 8 to 10 ounces of glass and it sums up the number of calories. However, the calories must be coming from a healthy source but having excess of that can stop the weight loss.

  • Desire for Salad

It is advantageous to eat salad for the health but consuming salad and adding toppings, nuts, avocado and chicken pieces, supersizing it, can increase the calories number to a big level. It will deteriorate our plan of achieving fitness.

  • Cooking with olive oil

I never believed on this point before, but this is the truth, cooking with excess olive oil, is a thing to avoid. It usually adds the amount of calories that makes it harsh to intake.

  • Being hardcore vegetarian

I must say, protein is an important source for weight loss as it helps to control our muscle mass. When we do not consume protein by any source, we are avoiding the tendency to lean our muscles. Hence, intake of protein is necessary.

It’s Time To Improvise On Your 5 Best Health Habits

Most people concentrate on starting the New Year rectifying things they have been doing wrong. With these healthy changes, people are not only living longer than the previous generation, they are also living a healthier life.

However if you have been living with these healthy habits for some time, it’s now time for you to set your limits a bit higher with the following small healthy food upgrades which leave a huge impact!

  1. If you use a headset while talking on your cell phone, you might as well also try walking while talking. While you had no trouble using a headset with the cell phone when you heard cell phones can cause brain cancer, it’s very probable that your phone has turned you into a couch potato!

Research has proved that people who use their phone the least had higher oxygen usage capacity with a well-established measure of fitness (VO2) when compared to those who used their phones the most. As higher VO2 is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, it’s better to be on the move when you talk!

  1. If you have always been buying foods carrying the Whole Grain Stamp indicating the products have at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving, then you could consider choosing whole grain-rich food consisting of a carb-to-fiber ratio of 10-1.

This is a smart move to make because though grain products with the Whole Grain Stamp are high in fiber with less Trans fat, they also carried more calories and sugars than products without the label. So look around for products where there’s at least a gram of fiber for every ten grams of carbs as these whole grain products contained more fiber and less sugar and sodium.

  1. If you have a habit of writing down everything you eat, why not go digital? Though food diaries help with slimming down, those using a mobile app lost more weight. Perhaps because the apps give immediate and reinforcing feedback.

Moreover, studies have proven that there’s a better chance of logging all information and skipping fewer days of recording through apps. And you now have a good reason to keep your phone on the dinner table! J

  1. If you now use BPA-free cups and containers, it’s better switching to glass or stainless steel. Yes, these drinking vessels don’t have bisphenol A, the endocrine disrupting chemical linked to thyroid, reproductive and cardiovascular problems in adults.

However while phasing out BPA, the companies have used other chemicals like bisphenol S (BPS) and bisphenol F (BPF) to make the containers, which are potentially just as dangerous.

  1. If you try hard to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, now try claiming a spot near the office window. This gives you more sunlight exposure by day and about 46 minutes more sleeping time.

Day light exposure can increase your night’s melatonin levels. Moreover, office workers with windows were more physically active after work, and exercise can improve sleep quality. If there’s no chance of moving your office desk near a window, get as much light outdoors as possible during lunch and other breaks to help schedule your circadian rhythm!

Tips for Healthy Foods

There is a saying “our body is our temple and we need to take proper care of it to lead a healthy life”. Good food habits are the basic to build your body and lead a happy and healthy life. In this technological world everything is machine made and food items also didn’t escape from it. Once you find the foods that are healthy to you, you need to look at your food habits. The closer a food is to its natural state; the better it is for you. Vegetables have lot of minerals and vitamins in it so eat more green, yellow and orange vegetable. Healthy foods make your immune system strong and make you feel strong, fresh and great all time. Unhealthy foods lead to various disorders and cause obesity. Understanding about the nutrients and their benefits and their food sources belonging to each nutrient will help you to pick up the right foods to be included in your diet. Certain nutrients are good for growth, certain nutrients are good to reduce weight naturally and certain nutrients are good to reduce the deficiencies in the body and help you to look great.

To know how healthy you are asking some questions to yourself like, how healthy am I? Do I have a healthy diet? Do I drink enough amount of water? And Do I sleep for enough time? Will help you to know about your health and analyze your diet. Life is very beautiful and all are willing to enjoy it up to the maximum without any health problem. Ok, now a question may strike in your mind how I can lead healthy life right. It’s very simple and easy, follow some of the good healthy food recipes and you can lead a good healthy life. Good health does not come just with good food habits and exercise but also with positive mental health.

Healthy food recipe is a term used for foods that have low fat and sugar content.

Here are some of the recipes for healthy food:

– Eat food items rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. These food items are good anti-oxidants and they fight against aging. They reduce the risk of skin cancer and heart disease.
– Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday
– Get enough sleep. Lack of sleeping cause premature aging in you.
– Do meditation. It helps to keep your mind and soul fresh
– Eat more fruits like guava, papaya, strawberries, etc…
– Ear more vegetables like carrot, beans, etc…
– Say no to oily food.

The list goes on and now I will stop here with my list. Follow all these food recipes and you will find a difference. Eat a variety of food to get all the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.

Effects of Bad Health Habits

Are you feeling restless and tired almost all the time? The reason could be your bad health habits. Each of us has all the options on how to improve ourselves and feel good. It all depends on our own hands whether we want to feel great or dwell ourselves to our usual habits that are not really good for us. We usually have habits and we are not aware that it is not doing any good to our health.

Let me show you some of the bad habits that you need to ditch to live and to have a better lifestyle.


Every one of us including especially smokers knows that smoking is very dangerous to our health. It has many side effects on your health and the health of those around you. Smoking can cause lung cancer, complicate pregnancy, heart disease and many other diseases. If you love your life and want to live longer, stop smoking now.

Lack of physical exercise

Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances physical fitness and overall health. It is performed for various reasons. Frequent and regular physical exercises boost the immune system, and prevent heart diseases. Regular exercise also improves mental health, helps prevent depression and improves one’s self esteem.

Alcohol Consumption

Even in moderation, alcohol damages brain and body cells. Too much intake of alcohol would cause certain diseases like brain damage, liver problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. Excessive drinking can interrupt normal sleeping patterns resulting in insomnia and lack of sleep can lead to stress and anxiety.

Lack of Sleep

Some people suffer from chronic sleeping disorder and frequently experience disruption. Some have sleep problems due to physical stress or condition and others suffer because of mental or emotional cause. Get immediate medical treatment if you already have serious sleep disorder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avoid taking sleeping pills as this could have some side effects. Consult your doctor before taking any medications to ensure your health.

Poor Diet

Basically junk foods are foods with little or no nutritional value at all. Some products with little nutritional value are considered unhealthy when eaten regularly. One harmful effect from eating junk food is lack of energy. Junk food can also cause heart diseases. Most junk foods are high in cholesterol it can damage your liver eventually.

Most people today are too busy and have fewer times to prepare nutritious foods. More and more people want a convenient life; quick and easy are more preferred by most. Now you know the reality of bad health habits, it’s all up to you on how you can live a healthy lifestyle and to live in a quality life. Remember we only have one life to live, so let us take good care of our most precious possession.

Healthy Habits That Make You Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

There’s plenty of material out there, exhorting the value of a healthy lifestyle, to maintain good health. However despite all this, people fail to follow through on their resolutions. Why is it so? You do not need any of the fad diets to maintain an optimum level of health. Basically it comes down to this:

Eat less, eat right, exercise more, reduce stress, maintain a positive mental attitude, cut down on alcohol, and get rid of the smoking habit, that’s it!

Human beings are creatures of habit, and as the saying goes, we make our habits, and our habits make us.

If you keep doing something daily, and deliberately, on a consistent basis for 6 weeks or more, and you make it fun, it becomes a habit.

So what are the habits that help you reach your objective?

1. Diet:- Cut down/eliminate junk food (fries, burgers)/sugary drinks, which if consumed on a consistent basis could lead to obesity, heart and blood vessel problems, to name a few.

2. Eat a bowl of freshly cut vegetables daily (carrots, beets, tomatoes, and cucumbers)- the more colorful the vegetables, the better. They contain high levels of antioxidants which are healthy.

Cut the vegetables, and place them in a bowl in the refrigerator, so you are ready to eat them the next day; that way you do not put it off. Your body needs carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in the required amounts, and many of the fad diets cut down on one of these components. The deprivation of the nutrients mentioned above, leads to health problems, and lethargy. Try to avoid fad diets.

3. Eat less:- Try to eat lesser portions of food-eat at least one stage less before you feel full.

Do not binge eat. People have a tendency to eat more, if they eat while sitting in front of the television. Add nuts(careful please, if you are allergic to them) whole grains, and oily fish (containing omega 3 fatty acids ) like salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel.

4. Exercise more:- Again, so much advice is given in this area. To keep it simple, walk 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. Park your car a block away, and walk to your destination. Some expert swear by 20 minutes (twenty is definitely plenty).

If you like yoga, go ahead. Choose the exercise you like. If it’s not fun, you may not stick with it. The message here is: 30, 20 or 10 minutes, the benefits of exercise accrue only when done on a regular basis.

However do not beat yourself up, if you miss a day here or there. Something is better than nothing.

Like the great Chinese Philosopher Confucius said “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.”

5. Reduce stress: This is extremely important. Stress increases your cortisol hormone levels which in turn increases your blood sugar, blood pressure, and causes weight gain. In the long run, it causes a myriad variety of health problems.

One of the worst causes of stress is resentment. Do not hold a grudge, forgive and let it go; you will live longer, and be more peaceful.

The Mayo Clinic guidelines for reducing stress are:

1. Stay away from the source of provocation.

2. If you cannot do so, change your reaction to it.

3. If you cannot do the above, accept it.

4. If you cannot do that, reduce it. How? By techniques like yoga, meditation, and exercise.

Smoking: Irrefutable proof has emerged linking smoking to cardiovascular disease, cancers, besides a host of other problems. You would add years to your life, if you gave up smoking.

Alcohol: Again it’s a good idea to cut down on alcohol. Alcohol has nothing but empty calories, and can be toxic to the liver in the long run, besides increasing your weight.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

I suppose if a few of the above become habits, your health would improve in ways you cannot imagine; you would feel better.

Your body is the temple /abode in which you reside. Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you.